Bulgaria’s Silvia Danekova first athlete to test positive in Rio

Rio de Janeiro: Bulgaria’s Silvia Danekova, a 3,000-metre steeplechase athlete, tested positive for EPO in a doping control after arriving in Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Olympic Games, the media reported.

The Bulgarian Olympic Committee has admitted on Thursday that an athlete in the team tested positive without mentioning the name. “Unfortunately, we have a positive test,” its Secretary General Belcho Goranov told Bulgarian reporters, reports Efe.

The case, pending a follow-up test, could be the first doping case registered at the Rio Olympics. It came to light on the eve before the athletics programme kicks off.

Danekova, 33, was subjected to a doping test on July 26, a few days after her arrival in Rio de Janeiro.

The Bulgarian weightlifting team earlier was completely banned from participating at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games due to repeated doping cases.