Women high on upcoming Raja

Bhubaneswar : The mood for the upcoming "Rajo" festival is really invigorating as the young girls clad in colorful attires  plunge  into a shopping spree  and savour the delicacies prepared in households.

The cultural city of Cuttack dons a festive look as we see the transformation of the festival from an occasion of ethnic rituals to a shopping extravaganza.

Since the festival is dedicated to womanhood —women of all ages come down to collect new sets of bangles for themselves and other female friends and relatives.

From heavily embellished saris to colourful kurtis, women of all age groups throng at clothes and accessories stores to buy ornaments, cosmetics and other decorative accessories — as they are seen picking up the trendiest stuff at sari houses, shopping malls and designer stores.

Matching with girls’ upbeat mood, Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC), Panthanivas, Bhubaneswar has made special arrangements of typical food and special cakes.

In various parts of the state, OTDC has made similar arrangements in which girls can apply bright red ‘alta’ on their feet and enjoy themselves on swing-sets.

“The way Raja is celebrated in rural Orissa, is not celebrated in urban centres. Still in Panthanivas an attempt has been made to revive the spirit of Raja complete with traditional cakes and swing sets,” observed a young visitor to Bhubaneswar Panthanivas.

“Apart from Panthanivas in Sambalpur, Rourkela, Cuttack and Bhubaeswar, for Raja we have made similar arrangements in other Panthanivas present in the state,” said Manoranjan Patnaik, General Manager, OTDC.