We must vow to shed Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Former Chief Secretary Bijay Kumar Patnaik on Sunday said that since Odisha is still considered as one among the backward states in the country, the people of Odisha must vow to shed the tag which is most important in the current scenario.

Talking to reporters at the Secretariat, Patnaik said its high time we thought about the development of Odisha.

When asked if any incomplete task he is leaving behind as the Chief Secretary, the official promptly said, “Development is a continuous process and I feel there is no beginning and end to this. So we can't say there is something incomplete”.

Patnaik who relinquished his charge in the afternoon, expressed his pleasure to have worked with colleagues in a family like atmosphere.

“I have served for 37 years and I have received utmost cooperation at every level from my colleagues throughout my career. I am very grateful to all those people ….I will cherish the great feelings they have shared with me as a family member.”

When enquired by the media about the dreams he has succeeded to fulfill being the Chief Secretary, Patnaik stated that the main duty of such an official is to carry out government programmes, policies and projects.

“I have tried my level best to respect my job,” he said  
Patnaik however cleared the air that he was not going to join politics.

“I don’t have any interest in politics,” quipped he.