We don’t want to wear helmet My Lord, urge Odisha lawyers

Balasore: At a time when common people paid through their nose for traffic norm violation and the resultant dissension making State government relax new MVA for 3 months, those safeguarding legal system – the lawyers – seek complete freedom from wearing helmet, a rule that warrants their safety more than anything else.

In a letter to Superintendent of Police, Balasore Bar Association urged the senior official to pass necessary instructions to officials not to detain advocates for not wearing helmets between 8 AM to 8 PM.

Such appeal by the lawyers has elicited mixed reactions from different quarters. Many people see it as utter disrespect for the law which is said to have been implemented for the security of people and enforcement of road safety while others expressed doubts whether such demands can be entertained as per the existing provisions under the law or not.

In their memorandum, the Bar Association has demanded exemption from the use of helmets by its members (advocates) during the said above mentioned timings.

Such a resolution was reportedly passed in a meeting of the Balasore Bar Association held on September 11, 2019. A copy of the resolution has also been submitted to RTO, district Collector and Sadar Traffic Inspector.

“Bar Members are attending different courts during office hours near periphery areas, such as it has been resolved in the Bar Association meeting held on September 11 that advocates may be exempted from using helmet between 8 AM to 8 PM. They should not be detained in the said hours,” the memorandum and resolution of the Bar Association read.