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Water bike finds solution to hike in fuel price

Bhubaneswar: Finding a solution to the mindless hike in the petrol and diesel price, a student of Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET) here has engineered a water bike which takes water as fuel and is proving as efficient as bike on petrol.

Sakti Prasad Sahu, a student of CIPET has come with an innovative idea of water bike, as he has made one which takes no other fuel except water and is as efficient.

Equipped with a small cylinder, batteries and a hydrolysis kit complete with a water tank — Sahu’s water bike runs on road at a normal speed and all that without any aid of traditional fuel as such.

Sahu claims to have used this unique bike himself since last three months without hitch.

It started like this, first Potassium Hydroxide was mixed with water, with the use of hydrolysis kit, oxi-dydrogen gas was generated and stored in a cylinder. Then Sahu got positive results for ignition from his experiments with oxi-dydrogen.  
According to him, the bike can run on water for 800 kilometres, provided Rs 20, 000 to be pumped into the project. Besides, in a bid to protect his unique creation, Sahu has applied for patent on his bike, which is not just a novelty but a mark of innovation.
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