Union Minister Pratap Sarangi Opposed in Balasore

Balasore: Union Minister Pratap Sarangi was reportedly opposed by a section of people during a cultural programme at Cinema Hall chhak in his parliamentary constituency, Balasore, on Tuesday.

As per reports, a person opposed the participation of Sarangi in ‘badi khela’ on the occasion of Dussehra alleging that the minister would not be allowed to participate in the traditional Odia martial art play as he has not done any developmental works in the region.

Following the resentment, Sarangi reportedly didn’t take part in the play. “We opposed Sarangi as he has not done anything for us. If he takes up developmental works in the region, we will let him participate in our local programmes,” said the protester.

Responding to the allegations, the Union Minister said, “I don’t know who opposed me. Some people requested me to see the play. After repeated requests, I agreed to them but denied participating in the badi khela.”