Unaware of ambulance service, man carries wife on bamboo basket to hospital

Jeypore: Even though the government has launched ‘108’ ambulance service to ensure proper transportation of patients to hospital, a man here in the city, unaware of the government’s free emergency service, was found shouldering his ailing wife on baskets tied to a bamboo pole to hospital.

Laxmi Majhi, who is staying at Dangaguda area here along with his husband and kids, became the cynosure of all eyes when her husband walked carrying her in the basket in the main road of the town to Jeypore sub-divisional hospital.

“I do not know what is that (108 ambulance service). He (husband) told me to take to hospital by carrying me in basket”, Laxmi, who is suffering from diarrhea, told reporters.

The doctor treating her said she is suffering from diarrhea and fever for last one month. “When asked, she told us that she does not know about the ambulance service. We observed lack of awareness in the case”, Doctor Manas Ranjan Mahali said.