Two girl students ‘harassed’ by school teacher in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Parents of 2 girl students of a private school in Bhubaneswar lodged harassment complaint against a school teacher today.

Following the complaint by parents, a case has been registered against the accused teacher at Chandrasekharpur Police Station.

The parents of the girls alleged that the teacher used to call for the girls for checking copies and various other reasons and used to harass them.

“The teacher had touched my daughter repeatedly while checking the copies. My daughter did not speak up against him (teacher) out of fear. She was harassed for marks as well,” parent of one of the victims said.

Parent of another victim student said “My daughter said that one of her juniors was repeatedly fainting at the school after the math teacher misbehaved with her. It has been 22 days now and no action has been taken against the teacher.”

On the other hand, the school principal informed that the accused teacher has been dismissed after the parents complained about him on October 10.

“I came to know about the teacher misbehaving with the girls. I later informed the school management and parents that the teacher has been dismissed,” the principal of the school said.

Police have launched an investigation into the matter, sources informed.