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Tuskers trespass into human turf in Anugul

Anugul:  A herd of elephants from the wild made a surprise appearance in the neighbouring Banarpal region, creating a scary situation for the villagers here.

Posing a threat to trespass into the human habitat, a herd of wild elephants comprising nine tuskers have created havoc in the Budhapanka village under Banarpal block here, destroying villagers’ agricultural fields with standing crops.

For now, these nine tuskers have restricted themselves to Talbandh area near Budhapanka village, creating a fear psychosis among the villagers who have made a frantic attempt to chase away the elephants through beating the drums.

After some elephant-gazing and playful exchanges, these seven adult and two baby elephants are now under the watchful eye of the scared villagers and the forest officials.

According to forest officials, there is no forest area near-by and as the area is surrounded by villages and industrial units, it has become an uphill task to chase away the wild elephants.

However, it is not a rare occurrence here, as the same situation happened last year when wild elephants marched into the territory inhabited by the humans.


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