Trough line likely to bring minor relief from heat

Bhubaneswar: Several parts of Odisha are likely to get some relief from the unrelenting heat wave in the next few days as per the assessment of the Meteorological (Met) department here.

Northern and central parts of Odisha are likely to experience hailstorms on account of a trough line formation. According to Met department sources, a trough line has emerged over eastern Bihar extending till Telengana through central parts of Odisha. This formation is likely to see hailstorms in the coming days and cyclonic storms in northern parts of Odisha. This weather condition is likely to prevail till April 3, added Met department sources here.

“Data suggests that the trough line is extending from eastern Bihar till north-western Bay of Bengal, going through Jharkhand and northern Odisha. This trough line is also extending till Bhubaneswar due to which we are experiencing cloudy weather today. There’s another trough line formation at a higher level which is extending from Bihar till Telangana through Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The upper air tram which was over north western India has gradually moved and is now over interior parts of Odisha. On account of this, rains are expected in interior parts of Odisha. There is a higher probability of rains in northern Odisha. The temperature might not rise drastically due to this in coastal and western parts of Odisha. Cloudy conditions are likely to prevail over coastal parts of Odisha and temperatures are not likely to rise till April 2-3,” said Bhubaneswar Met centre director Sarat Sahoo.