Trial of Prahaar missile on July 21

Balasore: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is all set to conduct trial of new indigenously developed quick reaction, short-range Prahaar missile on Thursday from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur-on-sea.

"Ground preparation for the test-flight of a short range ballistic missile is complete and it would be taken up tomorrow any time between 9 am to 5 pm depending on weather condition," a DRDO official said here.

"This is a single stage missile fuelled by solid propellants, and being tested for the first time. It is surface-to-surface missile with a range of 150 km and can carry conventional warheads," a DRDO scientist said.

"The missile would be tested from the launch pad 3 in the ITR and as a safety measure, arrangement have been made to temporarily evacuate people residing within two km radius of the launch pad on the scheduled day of the launch," the official said.

Scientific Adviser to India`s Defence Minister and Director General of DRDO V K Saraswat had recently said that the new 150 km range Prahaar missile "is going to be an excellent weapon" and would fill the gap between existing unguided rocket systems like Pinaka, Smerch and 350 km-range Prithvi-2 ballistic missile.

The Prahaar system can tackle multiple targets and allows different kinds of missiles to be used from a single launcher.

Each road mobile launcher can carry six missiles which could be used for taking out both tactical and strategic targets.

Being multi-directional and auto loading in nature, Prahaar will be extremely useful in emergency situations. Its launch time is estimated to be two to three minutes and no preparation is required.

"Also, the technology being used on `Prahaar` is indigenously available and under manufacture in India. This helps in making it cost effective," Saraswat said, adding that it will come on a platform with excellent mobility.

DRDO is in talks with the Indian Army for the introduction of the missile.

`Prahaar` has potential to be used by the Indian Air Force as well, he said.