Transparency missing from Odisha govt’s 3Ts framework?

Bhubaneswar: In May last year, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik suggested a 3Ts (teamwork, transparency and technology) framework to improve governance in the State, but transparency seems to be increasingly under threat from the actions of various departments.

The case in point being – Odisha Secretariat Workflow Automation System (OSWAS). The mechanism was introduced with all good intentions to inform people about the progress and status of several files in different departments. Surprisingly, over eight departments in this regard have not updated their information on their respective websites under the e-despatch system since 2017.

Surprisingly, the website of the Odisha Commerce and Transport Department has no files at all. Similarly, the Finance Department’s website has not been updated since October 15. Besides, websites of several departments are not even opening.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that almost all departments of the Odisha government are involved in corruption and it is the main reason behind the websites not being updated regularly.

An RTI activist Pradeep Pradhan said “Through e-despatch, people were able to get plenty of information and also used to track their RTI queries. And so, the concerned departments are deliberately not uploading any letters and files.”

The Odisha government is heading towards an opaque form of governance, alleged Pradhan.

Former chief secretary, Sahadev Sahu lamented the issue and said “I was thinking that the server was not working. But it is sad if the government has deliberately done so.”

There will be no transparency in governance if the letters and circulars get such treatment by the government, added Sahu.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi refused to comment on the matter.