Thunderstorm triggers artificial flood in Rayagada

Rayagada: Improper planning of drainage work has triggered artificial flooding in Rayagada town following a thunderstorm last night. Major roads, houses and shops across the city have been inundated by rainwater severely disrupting road communication and transportation.

As per reports, thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rainfall had lashed the town last night. Prime and critical locations of the town like Gundicha Temple square, Main Market and Old Bus terminal area were flooded with rainwater up to 2-3 feet high, informed sources. The floodwater also has entered several houses and shops in the main market, said sources.

“The problem arose because the drainage system in area has been constructed at a height. Though we had protested the construction, no steps were taken and now artificial flooding is the result,” said Rama Raju, a Rayagada town resident.

“The road height is lower than the drain for which the rainwater doesn’t get discharged properly. The rainwater mixed with sewage water has entered inside many shops,” said Rabindra Bisoi, a shop owner of Main Market.