Survival of the wildest: A wild elephant dies tragic death in Athgarh forest

Bhubaneswar: An eight-year-old wild elephant succumbed to its injuries after a fierce battle with another wild elephant in the forest of Athgarh on Sunday. 

The elephant died despite all the rescue attempts made by the forest officials and the locals present there. In the morning, when they first saw the dying elephant in the farm land tossing in pain, they came to its rescue but could not save its life.

 “At 5 am we came to the spot after being informed about the injured elephant. The elephant was still alive and died only afterwards,” said ranger Athgarh Forest Division Binod Bihari Swain.

The poor elephant was a part of a herd of elephants that recently came from the Chandaka forest.
Afterwards, it lost the group and went wayward. And unfortunately ran into a fight with a bigger and wilder elephant, according to the locals.

The elephant had received severe injuries from the fight on its body and had cut marks on its lower abdomen. “Only after the post mortem of the elephant is done, the exact reasons of the death will be known,” said Sudarshan Behera, District Forest Officer of Athgarh.