Surrendered Maoists appear before Dist Collector

Jajpur: At least 19 surrendered Maoists today appeared before the district collector of Jajpur district in order to avail the rehabilitation package meant for them.

"These ex-Maoists, mostly belonging to Jajpur district had surrendered before Jajpur Superintendent of Police last year. But, again they were required to appear before the collector, who is also head of the screening committee, to qualify them for government rehabilitation package," a senior official said.

The rebels who appeared before the collector have been identified as Sanatan Mahakud of Gokhata, Pirti Tudu of Rebana, Junguri Tiria of Keshapada, Jamadar Hembrum of Ragada, Pitambar Tudu of Goudasingla, Krisna Soy of Baipur, Bhim Hansda of Gokhata, Laba Badra, Harish Badra, Basanti Badra, Basanti Badra, Laxman Hesa, Suru Palia, Bhima Gagarai, Ramesh Gagarai, Tukuna Badra, Banamali Jerai (all of them belong to Baligotha), Sutuli Jamuda and Pipili Hesa both of Upper Baligotha.

"I will write the government to provide rehabilitation package to the surrendered Maoist. I have verified their credentials minutely and recorded their statements. I will recommend the government to provide them incentives and others as per the rehabilitation package," said Anil Kumar Samal, Collector of Jajpur.