Suktel project hits bottleneck; tripartite talks unlikely

Bhubaneswar/Bolangir: The state government’s olive branch to the Lower Suktel Action Committee (LSAC) and Lower Suktel Budi Anchal Sangram Parishad (LSBASP) for a tripartite talk seems to be not working as defiant LSBASP insists Saturday discussion with the state government minus LSAC.
“We don’t want LSAC members to be part of discussion with the state government. It must be a bilateral talk,” said Pabitra Bhartiya, advisor of LSBASP.

Meanwhile, the LSBASP has sent a letter to the district collector requesting escort for the 11-member delegation, who the parishad wants to attend the Saturday meeting to be convened by chief secretary BK Pattnaik at the state secretariat.

Refusing to attend the high level meeting without security for the delegation, the LSBASP warned immolation by activists tomorrow if meeting was held without it’s delegation.

However, LSAC covenor Gopalji Panigrahi, who is also a part of the six-member team attending the much-awaited meeting said the committee through its 11-point charter of demands wanted adequate compensation for the would be displaced people.

Meanwhile the relay hunger strike of LSAP entered 10th day on Friday.

The hunger strike echoed in the ongoing Assembly on Thursday as Kantabanjhi Congress MLA Santosh Singh Saluja demanded early execution of the project. Saluja’s unique demand elicited a special attention from members across parties as he showed symbolic protest by holding a placard and tying a cloth around his mouth.