Stray Dog Feeds On Infant’s Corpse In Odisha

Soro: In a stomach churning incident, a stray dog was found feeding on the corpse of an infant in Soro area of Balasore district today. The shocking incident was reported from Soro hospital in front of which the canine was spotted gnashing on the corpse.

According to sources, two passersby spotted the dog feeding on the corpse. Shocked at the sight of it, they immediately called the police and reported about the incident.

“I was shocked when I spotted the dog feeding. I immediately drove the animal away. When I asked one of the hospital employees about the incident, he replied that he was not aware,” said an eye-witness.

“When I got the message that a stray dog is feeding on an infant’s corpse, I immediately reached the spot and found that placenta was attached to the body. In last 15 days, there have been no infant deaths in our hospital. Maybe someone from outside disposed the body there,” said medical officer of Soro hospital, Satya Narayan Nayak.

“After informing the police authorities, the body was recovered and sent for post-mortem,” added Nayak.

Meanwhile, irate over the incident, locals have blamed the hospital authorities and their negligence to be the reason behind such a shocking incident.