Steel Ladle of RSP II notches up Best Performance in SAIL

Bhubaneswar: Steel Ladle No. 8 of Rourkela Steel Plant`s SMS II, has achieved a record life of 150 heats which is the best among SAIL plants.

This was due to a combined effort of LDBP, Refractory Engineering Services and SMS -II Operation, RSP sources said here today.

The bricks manufactured by LDBP were of excellent quality and supplied to refractories at the proper time to take care of all the relining and repair activities.

Refractories carried out all the relining and repair activities with utmost care. Zonal lining was done to take care of the areas of highest erosion.

Quality of workmanship was the top priority and hence regular inspection was done from the beginning and each and every heat was closely monitored, sources said.

SMS II Operation had taken care of proper heating of the ladle. Ladle turnaround time was also reduced to reduce thermal shock on the lining. Besides, mouth jam was also cleaned from time to time to avoid brick dislodgement.

Team RSP, not one to rest on its laurels, is now planning to use new Refractories for steel ladles on a regular basis and march towards achieving the best steel ladle life in India, they said.