State observes Rajo with gusto

Bhubaneswar: Breaking free from the mundane world of books, children of all ages in the state today celebrated Pahali Rajo, first day of the three-day festival with fervor and gaiety. While new dress, new dishes and varieties of mouthwatering cakes were the attraction for almost everybody, in villages ‘doli’ still remains as the main attraction.

The festival is celebrated mainly by the unmarried girls but nowadays it has become a festival for all ages. In most parts of the state people spend the while day playing cards in groups. In some rural pockets kabaddi is still played in groups while few arrange inter village competitions.

Not to forget, Rajo paan is the most desired mouth freshener for people of all walks of life.

Farmers across the state wait for the three-day festival following which they start the farming work and sow seeds. Since the monsoon usually enters the state this time, ploughing becomes easy for the farmers.