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State home dept to look into audio CD controversy

Bhubaneswar: In connection with the Rajya Sabha horse-trading row and the alleged audio CD revelations on local television, the CM office on Friday declared that the Home Department would conduct an enquiry into the whole matter.

The two audio CDs brought out the alleged conversations between minister and middle man during last year Rajya Sabha election while the BJD`s third candidate won after three opposition MLAs — one from Congress and two from BJP — abstained during voting. 
The first audio CD revealed BJD minister Pushpendra Singh Deo negotiating with a middleman to buy out Lanjigarh MLA Shivaji Majhi who soon faced suspension after the allegation intensified.

The conversation in the first audio CD also mentioned the BJD minister Ministers Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak.

The second audio tape claimed the former Minister and BJP MLA from Sambalpur Jayanarayan Mishra acting as the middleman to woo his party MLA Hitesh Bagarti for money to vote in favour of the opposition sponsored Independent Rajya Sabha candidate Tara Ranjan Patnaik.

Meanwhile, Lanjigarh Congress MLA Shivaji Majhi has been suspended from the party; others embroiled in the audio CD controversy have refuted all allegations against them.

Notably, the enquiry to be initiated by the State Home Department would bring more clarity in the wake of allegations that horse trading has influenced the outcome of RS Polls last year.

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