State cabinet reshuffle looks imminent

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, few days ago, while replying to reporters to a query on portfolio reshuffle had said “have patience”. But, it seems the delay is only fueling speculations.

The politicos, these days, are experiencing palpitations as their fate will be decided with the reshuffle in the ministerial level. While some may be dropped from the ministry, some new faces might find their way to the limelight. 

Let’s have a look at what astrologers have in their kitty. Young astrologer Trinandan Mishra says, four major portfolios may be reshuffled and chances of change of ministers in Revenue and Finance department are unlikely.

“The chances of reshuffle in sports, environment, education and IT ministries are bright. Finance and Revenue ministries might be unchanged. Young leaders will find place in the cabinet,” astrologer Trinandan Mishra said.

“New faces will find place in the state cabinet and I don’t think there will be reshuffle shortly. It is likely to get delayed further,” astrologer Nimai Banerjee said.

On the other hand, veteran astrologer Sridhar Acharya says, the stars indicate a strong possibility of reshuffle in the ministry. Besides, dalit leaders may be inducted in the ministries. Chances of legislators from south-eastern constituencies getting into the ministries are bright, he added.

“I think dalit leaders may be inducted in the ministries and MLAs from south-eastern constituencies will find place in the cabinet. Reshuffle of ministry will be done by June 10 and most likely it will be by this month,” astrologer Sridhar Acharya said.