Special children: We are no less than others

Cuttack: Every child is special. Even if he or she is autistic. Do not make the mistake of confusing autistic children as mentally retarded ones. Of course such children need special care to hone their talents. And given a chance these children can prove that there are no less than others whom we call normal. That exactly was the message the autistic students of `Sahaya`, an NGO, delivered to the society on the World Autism Day.

In the school for special children run by `Sahaya` near the SCB Medical College and Hospital at Manglabag there are many autistic children like Somyabaran Sarkar. They all are highly talented and creative. On the World Autism Day, the students of the congregated to prove it amply to the world. While some drew beautiful pictures and paintings using various hues, some other were busy playing the tabla and the harmonium in complete sync with each other. It was an awesome experience. They are well adept in handling the computers as well.  

Several students of `Sahaya` have earned laurels not just at the national but also at the international level. Still there is an irony. The society has labelled them as mentally challenged children. They all have one motto. They all want to be self-sufficient in life and do not want to depend upon anyone.

The Redcross-aided organisation `Sahaya` has been providing education to autistic children. Education mingled with fun and games. The stress is on vocational training to make the students self-sufficient in future.