Smart Move: Drones To Man Traffic In Bhubaneswar Soon

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to make use of advanced technology for better traffic management in Bhubaneswar, Commissionerate Police will soon introduce drone surveillance on the entire stretch of road from Ravindra Mandap to Airport which will be declared as ‘No Overtaking Zone.’

The move is to ensure road discipline among commuters so as to overcome the issues related to traffic congestion. This is likely to play a crucial role to ensure that people stick to their respective lanes as there will be a provision of penalty for violating the ‘no overtaking’ norm at the particular stretch.

Twin City Police Commissioner, Sudhanshu Sarangi informed that drone cameras will be pressed into service to monitor and check traffic violations in the no overtaking zone.

“The Commissionerate Police is taking several measures for improvement of traffic system in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. We have decided to enforce lane driving by introducing ‘no overtaking zones’ in several places in Bhubaneswar,” said Sarangi.

Sarangi stated that it has been observed that many drivers are in the habit of driving in and out of their lanes which creates problems for other commuters on the road and often leads to mishaps. So as to ensure road discipline, lane driving principle will be strictly enforced, he added.

“As it is practically not possible to deploy manpower everywhere, drone cameras will be used keep a tab on violators who will be fined for rash driving or not sticking to their respective lanes,” added Sarangi.

Senior officials of Commissionerate Police informed that already an IPS officer has been appointed and there are special plans to impart training to people at traffic junctions about lane driving and other rules after the monsoon season.