Sital Sasthi: Divine Shiva-Parvati marriage solemnized amid vedic rituals

Sambalpur: Religious fervour gripped Sambalpur town as the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati was solemnized according to vedic rituals late Friday night.

Lord Shiva arrived in a huge procession amid drumbeats, lights and bursting of crackers accompanied by a swarm of devotees. As per rituals, deities of several temples in Jhadupada, Modipada, Badabazaar, Budharaja and Thakurpada invited in the wedding also attended the procession.

Similarly, thousands of artists from across the State and outside as well as political leaders cutting across party lines also participated in the grand procession of Lord Shiva. The “jugal darshan” of Shiva-Parvati will kick off today evening.

“The message of the entire celebration is that humanity should shed anger and jealousy and spread love, forgiveness and happiness,” said Bargarh MP Suresh Pujari.

“After the divine marriage of Lord Shiva, everything turns ‘sital’ (cool) and this is why the whole process is called ‘Sital Sasthi’. It is celebrated to pray for good rainfall, profitable harvest and peaceful living,” said Sambalpur MLA, Jaynarayan Mishra.