Shocking! Pregnant lady carried to hospital on charpoy as 108 is delayed

Kalyansinghpur: In an utterly deplorable incident, a pregnant woman had to be carried on a charpoy to the hospital due to unavailability of an ambulance in time.

Such an incident has been reported from Kalyansinghpur area of Rayagada district. According to sources, unable to avail the services of 108 and 102 ambulance services on time, the family members were forced to take this drastic step and carried the pregnant lady to the community health center on a charpoy.

Their travails didn’t end there as family members alleged that they did not even get the necessary treatment upon reaching the hospital. There were no doctors to attend to the patient for half an hour and eventually an Asha worker came to her rescue.

Responding to such negligence, the doctor in charge of the community health center, Laxmikant Sahu said that the matter will be investigated.

Meanwhile, with the incident sparking a public outrage, the Rayagada collector responded by taking the blame on himself and saying that by the time the Ambulance reached, the patient had already left for the hospital.