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Shankar soon to be shifted to new Kumki centre

Bhubaneswar: A few days back, Shankar — the elephant became completely unruly — as it killed a visitor at Telkoi in Keonjhar. Since then Shankar has been under iron shackles and the training has been put on hold. 

Though previously the elephant duo — Shankar and Yosada were undergoing `Kumki` training at Satkosia in Tikarpada; the training there hardly made the hyperactive elephant any less wild and disciplined.

Now, the administration has decided to shift the elephant duo to another Kumki training centre at Kamarkhunti where `Kumki` has produced surprising results with the fellow elephants Nandan and Rajkumar.

Bringing experts from Assam, the state government recently introduced `kumki` operations to discipline the unruly elephants which can potentially pose a threat to men and other elephants.

As many people were chased and killed by the elephants in past few months, the government wanted to create some captive elephants trained in `kumki` art so that they could be easily controlled by the mahuts.

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