Shah Commission probe continues

Keonjhar: The seven member Shah Commission on the second day of its week long visit to probe irregularities in the mining sector today qizzed several mines owners along with workers in Joda and Barbil areas. The team members investigated papers in several mines like Sarada mines, East Joda mines of the Tatas, Essels mines, Mesco and KN Ram mines. The team headed by Justice M B Shah queried personnel of the mines regarding violation of mining and forest laws and tried  to know whether the mines had carried out excavations beyond the permitted areas.

Sources said that the team members expressed concern over the stacking of ores in the green belts in some of the mines. Reliable sources revealed that the team too came across instances where the licences had sublet raising and excavation work to other parties violating contract rules.

However, the sudden cancellation of the team`s visit to the Koeda mines has created a storm. The CITU affiliated workers demanding reopening of the mines staged demonstrations before the office of the Deputy Director of Mines of Koeda.