Knife inside secretariat: Sepoy suspended

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate police today suspended a sepoy for allowing a man who has been accused of brandishing a knife and threatening the private secretary (PS) to the special secretary of the Housing and Urban Development (H&UD) department inside the secretariat on Saturday, without an entry pass.

Sources said the sepoy, without verifying the entry pass had allowed Sushant Nayak to enter into the secretariat. Besides the sepoy neither physically frisked the person to check whether he carried any incriminating articles with him nor did he ask for a visitor pass from him.

Twin city Commissioner of Police RP Sharma said, “After verifying an enquiry report submitted by Yakub Khan, ACP in charge of secretariat security, we have suspended a sepoy for his laxity in allowing the youth in without an entry pass.”

“We are planning to beef up security measures inside the secretariat after this incident. For this we have reviewed the security system. Metal detectors, which are in defunct state now, will be repaired soon,” he added.