Separated by chance, reunited by luck

Puri: Not an year or two. Exactly two decades and three years. That was the time a son had to patiently wait to be reunited with his mentally retarded father. All these years son only hoped against hope to see his father in his lifetime. Finally his wait ended in  the most dramatic manner. A perfect script for a cinema.

Mentally deranged Mata Prasad Singh who hails from Chhatisgarh even cannot say how he landed up in the family of late Govind Chandra Dash of Badeli Sahi in Puri town. After a happy reunion now his son Ramsharan says that it could be only because of the grace of Lord Jagannath.

Twenty three ago Mata Prasad was lying in a most unwanted manner at Bilaspur in Chhatisgarh. A good Samaritan, Govind Chandra picked him up and brought Mata Parasad to his house in Puri. But Govind Chandra failed during his lifetime to trace the family members of Mata Prasad. But Govind Chandra`s son Bishnudutt was smarter. Smarter in the sense he availed the benefits of modern chips and contacted Missing Foundation dot com.

After the passing away of Govind Chandra his wife Kishorimani and his son Bishnudutt continued to treat Mata Prasad as a member of their family. Mata Prasad too has improved a lot. And it is Kishorimani who is the most happiest person at the reunion of the ill-fated father Mata Prasad with his son Ramsharan. So also te secretary of the Missing Person dot com, Sushant Kumar Sahoo whose efforts finally paid the dividents. It was like a mission accomplished for Sushant.

Ramsharan has left for his native with his once lost father. Next action, a reunion with the entire family. That is like rediscovery.