Senior Congress leader Gunanidhi Mohapatra dead

Bhubaneswar: Veteran Congress leader and freedom fighter Gunanidhi Mohapatra passed away here on Thursday due to old age ailments, family sources said.

Mohapatra (92) is survived by wife, son and a daughter. He had been admitted in a private hospital here after he sustained injury on his right thigh on April 28 which needed surgery.

A close associate of former chief minister Harekrushna Mohtab, Mohapatra was the chairman of erstwhile Bhubaneswar Municipality from 1977-80 before the civic body remained dissolved for about 12 years till 1992.

Mohapatra was associated with a number of philanthropic associations and founder of many such organisations in the city.

An active member of Lingaraj Temple administration and Kapilnath administration, Mohapatra is the vice-president of Utkal Brahman Mahasabha and Nikhil Utkal Sansnkrit Parishad, president of Ekamra Vikar Parishad and Bhubaneswar Sitalshasti Committee and many other organisations.

The body was taken in a procession by hundreds of people from the hospital to the Congress Bhawan, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Kedarnath Gabesana Kendra and other places he was associated with.

Senior Congress leaders laid wreath on the body in the Congress Bhawan as a mark of respect to the departed leader.

Mayor Anant Narayan Jena and senior officials paid their last respect to Mohapatra at BMC office.

The body was consigned to flames at the Garabadu crematorium here.