Security breach: Youth held from Bhubaneswar airport runway

Bhubaneswar: Lapses in existing security measures at Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar was detected after a youth was caught suspiciously moving towards the runway of the airport here on Tuesday.

The youth Krishna Rout of Dumduma area managed to trespass into the highly secured airport zone by scaling the high boundary wall from Khandagiri side.

Rout was then immediately caught by the CISF security personnel deployed at the airport who then handed him over to local Airfield police station.

Satyapriya Rout, father of the accused youth stated that his son is ‘mentally not stable’.

“Though my son is a diploma holder, he has some psychiatric disorders and under medication. He had earlier created nuisance by entering some news channel’s office and even Khandagiri police station in the past,” said Satyapriya.

Director of Bhubaneswar Airport, Suresh Chandra Hota on the other hand informed that already CISF officials have been issued a show-cause notice in connection with such incident.

“There are watch towers and posts while regular patrolling is also being done. Despite such security, how could someone manage to enter the airport is being reviewed so that such incidents do not recur,” said Hota.