Second interceptor trial soon at Chandipur

Balasore: As part of its plan to deploy a reliable two-layer ballistic missile defence (BMD) system, India is gearing up to conduct another trial of its interceptor missile very soon.

"The test is likely to be conducted from Odisha coast within a couple of days and the range preparation for the crucial exercise is near complete," defence sources said.

If everything goes well as per schedule, the flight test could be conducted on February 10.

"India`s indigenously developed surface-to-surface ballistic missile `Prithvi` is to be engaged as hostile vehicle for the endo-atmospheric (within 30 km from earth surface) test of the interceptor," they said.

While a modified `Prithvi` would be lifted off from the integrated test range (ITR) at Chandipur, the interceptor, designed to hit it in mid-air over Bay of Bengal is to take its trajectories from Wheelers Island about 70 km across the sea from Chandipur.

Meanwhile, a separate team of defence scientists will gather at Wheeler Island for the maiden trial of India`s long range `Agni-V` very soon.