SC asks Centre to decide on Khandadhar iron ore mine for Posco

New Delhi: Setting aside the judgment of Orissa High Court, which had quashed the State government’s recommendation for mineral prospecting licence (PL) for Khandadhar iron ore mines in favour of Posco, the Supreme Court on Friday asked Central government to take decision on the matter.
The Supreme Court also directed the Centre to consider other applications for the same mine and to consider all objections raised by various parties against allotment of Khandadhar iron ore mine PL to Posco project, which is the single largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of the country.
 The apex court on March 21 had concluded two year long hearing on the case and reserved the judgment.
Earlier, the division bench of Orissa High Court in July 2010 had rejected the State government’s January, 2009 recommendation for granting PL in favour of Posco.
The High court had directed the government to reconsider other applications for the same mine who had submitted their applications prior to Posco.
Challenging High Court order, Odisha government and Posco had knocked the doors of Supreme Court in October, 2010. The Khandadhar mines is spread over 2,500 ha area and is estimated to have 600 million tonne high grade iron ore deposits.