Savitri, the saviour

Bhubaneswar:  Not many like Kalyani get a chance in their life to save the precious life of their husbands by taking a bold decision which may cost their own life. But, Kalyani, can be touted as Savitri of this age, did not look back and made up her mind to donate one kidney to save her ailing life-partner, whom she had married promising to be with him for ever in every ups and downs of life.

It was four years ago when Kalyani’s happy family life in Patnagarh of Bolangir district met an unusual summer storm. She got to know from medical reports that her husband Daitari is suffering from kidney disease and he needs one kidney to be replaced. She tried her level best to come out of the mental trauma by requesting all her relatives and known ones. But in vain. Kalyani thought of taking a last chance and went for medical test required for kidney donation. Surprisingly her kidney matched with her husband’s. Tears rolled down form her eyes when she was informed that she can donate a kidney for her husband and save the life. She could not utter a word at that moment.

We came across a similar case in Shastri Nagar of Bolangir district where the wife played a vital role in saving the life of her husband. Shanti’s family life with her daily labourer husband Paramananda Sahu and two sons was quite peaceful. But as if her smooth life was not long-lasting. One day her husband’s medical report showed that one of his kidneys needs to be replanted. The news was like a bolt from the blue for Shanti. Though she could not control her self but tried to stand tall. She started trying her hands in stitching work. By God’s grace she could arrange Rs 3 lakh needed for the transplantation, courtesy her hard work and some help from few known. Paramananda’s mother donated one kidney, but it was the courage of her wife that he got back his life.

 Hats off to both Savitris.