Sand art attracts large viewers at Baliyatra

Cuttack: It might be a sheer coincidence. The historic Baliyatra festival of the thousand-year-old city might have commenced on the sandy beds of River Mahanadi. To revive the old memorise some enthusiastic sand artists have chosen the deltaic region of Mahanadi and have undoubtedly become the focus of the on-going festival.

Sand artist Pramod Pattanaik and his associates have created a huge boat, an insignia of the historic past when Odisha went to far off places like Bali and Sri Lanka(Singhala), using sand on the deltaic bed. Memorable mascots of Cuttack city like the Odisha High Court, the famous Ravenshaw University and the Barabati Fort literally glow inside the boat, all made up of sand dunes again. The combination of Quadam Rasool, an Islamic masjid, the Baptist Church and Goddess Chandi without question send out the message of universal brotherhood. The show does not end there. The  creative artists showcase several prototypes symbolising Puri, Konark and Dhauli.

Sand artist Pramod Pattanaik and his associates have become inseparable part of the Baliyatra for the last four years. Pramod and his eight associates have used over hundred truckloads of sand for erecting the images. It took them four days to complete the works. Now it is time for Pramod and his team to feel the love of labour. Pramod and his team has become the star attraction of the Baliyatra. What else one will ask for?