Sambalpur University to start research on Mahanadi River


Sambalpur: Amid the ongoing row between Odisha & Chhattisgarh over Mahanadi River, Sambalpur University has decided to begin research work on the river basin.

According to sources, the university will begin with the study of Kalma barrage constructed by Chhattisgarh and data will be collected on how this will affect the residents of nearby areas.

The research work will start from June 9 and will continue for one year. A team of 18 professors will be a part of the project and they will be guided by 4 advisors from other states.

Vice-Chancellor of Sambalpur University, Deepak Kumar Behera, said “We will look into it from a historical angle. Also, the research work will include estimation of impact on environment, farmers and agriculture.”

After collecting all the data, the final report will be published by June 2019. The entire project will be funded by the Sambalpur University, informed sources.

Researcher Ranjan Panda said, “To establish a relationship between Mahanadi and people through a fact-based document will be an important achievement of Sambalpur University. It will not only help in protection of Mahanadi River but also in finding a solution of the ongoing controversy.”