Sai Pragati investor dies in bed

Bhubaneswar: The Sai Pragati company had spread its tentacles not just in Odisha but outside the state as well and quite naturally several depositors from other states too have been duped by the dubious company. Some have ironically died in dire straits while waiting to get back their investments. Having failed to get back their money from the company, the investors have now taken to the streets and demanded the arrests of its directors. The depositors have demanded that the arrested chief managing director of the company Devashish Mohanty, now behind the bars, should not be granted bail by the court.

Ratnashree Khan who hailed from Hyderabad too had, like many others, dreamt to earn more from returns through investments. With that dream Ratnashree Khan had invested lakhs in Sai Pragati. But Ratnashree`s dreams were shattered when she did not get back her money. A shattered Ratnashree became ill. She kept on writing letters to the company but in vain. She failed to get back even a pie. Finally, she breathed her last in a bed-ridden condition. Ratnashree happens to be the tip of the iceberg. The Sai Pragati trail has left behind several Ratnashrees.

The hapless depositors having failed to get back their investments have started beating photographs of the same officials of the company with shoes who had asked them to invest in Sai Pragati. The depositors have taken to the streets and raising slogans against them. The condition of its agents has been no better either. The agents have to face the ire of the depositors the moment they to get out of their houses. It is to be seen when the depositors get back their sums invested in the company.