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Rout fires salvo at party

Bhubaneswar: The BJD leader Dr Damodar Rout’s silence treatment following his resignation from his ministry came to end as he opened his mouth to put his side — refuting his alleged desire to regain a ministerial berth, putting a stop to the conjecture of many.  

After the ex-agriculture minister stepped down from his ministry on May 9; as CM Naveen Patnaik asked him to do so — political watchdogs indulged in active guesswork as Dr. Rout alienated himself from the political squabble of every kind.

“Chief Minister is yet to make it clear that he is the only power centre and takes decision on his own. I have not requested anyone for ministerial berth and would not accept second power centre,” said Dr Rout. 

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 “I have never allowed anybody to impinge on my self esteem. Recently, some of the newspapers falsely carried reports that I have been made silent by the party on the condition of a ministerial berth. They also wrote in their newspapers how the secret consultations are currently going on regarding this,” added Dr Rout

Meanwhile, clarifying Rout`s charges, BJD MP Baishnav Parida said that there is no second power centre in the party, and everybody has admitted this.  Even the CM has put his words on this in clear terms.

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