Rolling efficiency of RSP Hot Strip mill improved

Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant has once again proved its commitment and dedication by fabricating and installing the Hot and cold zone recuperators in the Reheating Furnace -6 of Hot Strip Mill. The enterprising job has not only improved the rolling efficiency of the Mill substantially, but also helped in accruing savings of crores of rupees, RSP sources said today.

Recuperators of Hot Strip Mill Reheating Furnace -6 were damaged after years of usage affecting efficiency. To address the problem shops collective fabricated and installed 3 modules of complete recuperators having both hot and cold zone in Reheating Furnace in a record 3 months, they said.

Each module consists of one hot zone with bend tubes and a cold zone with straight tubes with each zone comprising 812 tubes. A number of innovative techniques was developed and used for forming of Y fins, inserting in tubes, bending of tubes to its exact profile and final assembly & handling as well as in selection of welding consumables and welding techniques. The job was carried out between February and April 2012 and was installed in the Mill on April 7.

Sources said that a new recuperator would have cost the company about Rs 12 crores.?Besides, the recuperator leakage of the Reheating Furnace has come down drastically from the previous level of 65 per cent to 7 per cent. This will result in a yearly savings in terms of fuel to the tune of Rs. 4.75 crores, sources said.

With the new recuperator, the efficiency of rolling of Hot Strip Mill has increased substantially, besides the down time of repair of the old recuperator has been eliminated.? Another significant achievement is elimination of the 2 years of lead time on account of procurement of a new recuperator.

After mass production of parts used in recuperator?in a mechanized manner, confidence of employees has improved substantially, who are now ready to take up more such challenging jobs. Notably, seeing successful accomplishment of critical fabrication with in-house resources, other sister units like Bokaro Steel Plant have requested RSP for similar jobs to be done for them.