Rituals delayed at Puri Srimandir on first day of ‘Panchuka’

Puri: Rituals were delayed inside Puri Srimandir on the first day of ‘Panchuka’ following which devotees and Habishyalis expressed their disappointment for not getting ‘Abadha’ on time.

According to sources, there was a delay in Laxminarayan ‘Besha’ ritual of Lord Jagannath which led to further delay in subsequent rituals. As a result of which the Mahaprasad or Abadha, which was supposed to be available at 2 PM, came out around 6 PM in the evening.

While the devotees and Habishyalis had to wait for hours to get Mahaprasad, the Niti Prasashak (temple ritual administrator), Pradeep Das said that Palia servitors are being questioned regarding the delay.

“Three Palia servitors took nearly 5 hours time to complete the ‘Besha’ rituals. We have called them for a discussion,” Das said.