Revenue Inspector caught taking bribe in Sundergarh

Sundergarh: The State Vigilance department today nabbed the Sundergarh district’s Dumabahal Revenue Inspector (RI), Sudhir Kumar Nayak while he was accepting bribe from a person. The accused official was caught taking bribe of Rs 8,000 for preparing of report of a mutation case, sources said.

As per the allegations, one person named Upendra Nayak of Dumabahal village had applied for ‘patta’ for a land he had purchased two months ago in the Lephripara Sub-Registrar office. However, the accused RI had demanded Rs 8,000 bribe for preparation of a report in this regard, Upendra Nayak alleged.

Based on the allegations a trap was laid and the Vigilance team nabbed the RI red handed while taking the bribe, sources added.

DSP Vigilance, Dasarathi Sethi said “RI Sudhir Kumar Nayak had allegedly demanded bribe from one person. Based on the complaint, a team was constituted and the RI was nabbed while accepting the bribe.”