Retinoblastoma afflicts four-year old in Rayagada

Rayagada: A four-year old boy of Sargiguda village of Gudari block is facing serious health emergency as he has been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma – a life threatening eye tumor in children.

Though the boy has received one-time curative surgery, is still threatened by the disease; which has left the boy and his parents in a state of absolute helplessness. 

The four year old identified as Siba is son of Kishore Chandra Padhi and Sujata Padhi. 
Siba had his left eye affected first, it’s his right eye which got affected afterwards. Initially Sibu went through some operation and had the tumour removed. But now it’s the right eye which is affected and needs operation.

When Siba was barely six months old, a boil appeared on his left eye. His parents took him to various hospitals in the state and outside; and exhausted all their money they had.
Now he has developed fast-growing lumps on his eye and around ear; which could be extremely fatal if the treatment is delayed.

Earlier, the couple received the donation amount of Rs 16 Thousand from District Red Cross Society and now they badly need some more donations extended to them so that the couple can meet the medical expenses required for the operation.

Here are the details of the boy’s address, which might be noticed by some potential organization or person who can help this boy get further treatment and save his life.

Address: Sujata Padhi, C/o Meenakshi Padhi, Vill-Sargiguda, Via- Gudari, Dt- Rayagada.