Religious fervor grips silk city

Berhampur: With the beginning of Thakurani yatra from Monday night, the city here is gripped in religious fervor and festivity. Scores of people thronged the temporary temple where the goddess is being worshipped as a part of the carnival.

During the festival, Budhi Thakurani is taken in a procession to the Desibehera street here and the goddess is mounted on the temporary temple made up of bamboo and wooden logs.

The goddess is first taken to Mahuri palace where the descendents of the king get the opportunity to worship the goddess. After this ceremonial worship, the other rituals are performed.

On Wednesday, ‘ghata parikrama’ began. On the following day, the ghata will be taken out in a procession to other places in the city.

On Monday, the goddess was garlanded with Ita malli flowers and was taken to Desibehere stree. After a days rest, the other rituals were performed today.