Rath Yatra: Cracks detected on hub, arcs of Devadalan chariot’s wheel

Puri: Cracks were detected today on the hub (tumba) and wheel arcs (pahi) of Devi Subhadra’s Devadalan chariot which has once again delayed the construction work of the chariots in Puri.

During an inspection at the Ratha Khala today, chariot construction committee’s Executive Engineer, P K Das, spotted the cracks in the presence of the Maharanas, Bhoi Sardars of the respective chariots. Following which the wheel was returned back.

Members of the chariot construction committee will again inspect the chariot tomorrow to take a final decision on the construction of a new wheel, sources informed.

This is not the first time when a crack was detected in a wheel of the chariots.

Few days back, cracks were detected in a wheel of Devadalan, a big hole in the Nandighosh(Lord Jagannath’s chariot) and the axle of Taladhwaja(Lord Balabhadra’s chariot) was also found to be weak.

Later, wheels and axles with defects were replaced with new ones.