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Raising a new consciousness for Environment

Bhubaneswar: The World Environment Day celebrated on Sunday under the theme “Forests: Nature at Your Service" reminded us how environmentally sound forest helps to maintain the ecological balance — emphasizing the increased area coverage of dense forest.

In Odisha, the drastic reduction of forests is primarily due to overgrazing of cattle population, overcutting of trees, encroachment on forest land and forest fires. This has resulted in a reduction in rainfall, heavy increase in the frequency of floods and droughts.

A massive deforestation has been noticed in the famous Similipal Reserve Forest in Mayurbhanj and in Nayagarh’s Kutibadi and adjoining forests areas where the environmental degradation has taken an acute form.

The worst has happened to Similipal project area where the fast depletion of forest and wildlife resources — which have been conserved for decades is now facing the worst nightmare.

Apart from the largescale unauthorised felling of trees in deep forests, timber mafias and poachers have been regularly plundering forest resources in absence of surveillance teams in the forests of Nayagarh.

However, World Environment Day is not just about promoting awareness, identifying problems and finding ways to take corrective action, but finding  role model who can inspire and bring a new consciousness — so get one-on-one with our resident environmental crusader Baba Abinash Das of Daspalla in Nayagarh who has awesomely planted in the 64 acres of forest area.
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