‘Rail Rani’ From Odisha Becomes An Inspiration

Balasore: With hard work and sincerity, dreams can turn into reality and who other than Odisha girl, Mamata Sahu, can prove it better. Mamata, whose father is a farmer in Narayanpur village in Baliapal area of Balasore, has joined Indian Railways as Assistant Loco Pilot and is now an inspiration for many.

Despite facing a lot of criticism from neighbours, Mamata continued to move forward and marched ahead to achieve her goals.

“I always wanted to be independent which is why I used to teach at a private ITI college initially and later used that income to apply for competitive examinations,” said Mamata.

Responding on many calling her ‘Rail Rani,’ Mamata said, “I should not be called with that name as I have only done my work perfectly. My work is to ensure that the train reaches its destination properly.”

Giving credit to her parents and teachers for her success, Mamata said, “Without the support of my parents and teachers, I wouldn’t have been what I am today.”