Puri land scam:FIR against Maheswar Mohanty

Puri: The transfer of land in front of the Swargadwar(Way to Heaven)-the most sacred crematorium in the state-belonging to Lord Jagannath to certain influential land mafia in the town here has sent shock waves among lakhs of devotees and resentment is growing particularly among the heads of religious organisations. While an FIR has been lodged against the former Chairman of Puri Municipality and present Panchayatiraj Minister Maheswar Mohanty at the Sea Beach police station here, the Govardhan Peeth, the abode of Puri Sankaracharya has petitioned the government to conduct an inquiry into the land dealings with more and more shady dealings tumbling out of the cupboard.

As OTV digs deeper and deeper into the land dealings more and more startling facts are being unearthed everyday. It is a Pandora box. Not one or two but eight plots under Bali Sahi which originally belonged to Lord Jagannath and were registered in the name of Govardhan Peeth, the abode of Puri Sankaracharya Niranjan Dev Tirth and Sankaracharya Bharatikrushna Swamy have been usurped by the unscrupulpous and dealers hand in glove with employees of revenue department and Puri municipality. Records in possession of the settlement department revealed that the plots were registered against the names of private persons in 1989 and 1990. Strangely, the local tehsil office has no information about the dealings.

In another development, Priyadarshan Pattanaik, convener of Jagannath Sena, a socio-cultural organisation, today filed a complaint against panchayatraj minister and former Puri municipality chairman Maheswar Mohanty at the Sea Beach police station and alleged that the minister was a party to the transfer of Swargadwar land and everything happened during his tenure as chairman. A Public Interest Litigation(PIL) too has been filed in the Odisha High Court for a thorough probe into the land transfer matter.