Proposal to construct second Konark Temple opposed

Puri: Members of the Konark Vikash Parishad along with some local residents staged demonstration in front of the Sun Temple in Konark today protesting the proposal to construct a second such temple at Sakhigopal in Puri.

The protestors said that building a second Sun Temple is not at all acceptable as the ancient monument is considered sacred.

The protest came against the backdrop of eminent sculptor and recently-nominated MP Raghunath Mohapatra’s wish to construct a second Sun Temple.

Mohapatra had said that he was optimistic about his dream project of constructing a second Konark temple in Odisha and sought cooperation from both the State government and the Centre.

Terming the construction of the second Konark Temple as his “dream”, Mohapatra had expressed his wish to revive the art work and build the second Sun Temple to present it to the country.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has also extended his support to the project.

Earlier today, Mohapatra along with Odissi exponent Sonal Mansingh took oath as Rajya Sabha members.