Primary education infrastructure in shambles in Koraput

Bhubaneswar/Koraput: Government schools are in disarray in almost every part of Odisha. The poor conditions of schools mostly in rural areas along with unavailability of teachers have now emerged as major concern in the State.

The Limaput Primary School under Lamtaput police limits in Koraput is a glaring example of government apathy. The school was reportedly having a good strength of students but now it is left with only three students due to poor infrastructure.

The construction of the school building is yet to be completed. The half-built building has now become a home for termite mounds. Even, leakage of water from ceiling makes it difficult for the teachers to take classes during rainy season.

Sources said the construction work of the school was given to a lady teacher. But the work was stopped midway after the teacher was transferred.

Left with no choice, parents reportedly stopped sending their children to the school out of fear.

“During rains, the classrooms are getting soaked in mud making it difficult for us to make students study in such conditions. We have written to the concerned department but no one seems to be serious about such problems,” alleged Jay Khil, one of the teachers of the primary school.

“The construction work of the school stopped mid-way and the person who was bestowed with the project was accused of embezzlement,” said Pitabas Khil, president of school management committee.

Meanwhile, Lamtaput ABEO Christdan Suna said that no one has approached his office over such irregularities.

“We have heard that only three students are there in that (Limaput) school but we have not received any written complaint regarding such allegations. We will carry out investigation and take appropriate steps after getting complaints” said Suna.

While the comments of Suna, speaks much about responsibility and accountability, it remains to be seen when will the children of Lamptaput get a proper school in their village.