Power-cuts across Odisha in winter raise eyebrows

Bhubaneswar: People across Odisha are facing a tough time owing to undeclared power-cuts. While power demand in peak hours is low because of winter, such power-cuts have left the consumers baffled.

Consumers in Balasore, Bolangir, Rourkela, Bhubaneswar and many other areas have expressed their displeasure over these undeclared power-cuts both in morning and evening hours. Moreover, such undeclared power-cuts have become strenuous for the farmers engaged in Ravi season farming jeopardizing irrigation. Amid such unexpected disruption in power, consumers have threatened to launch agitation in case the situation is not resolved soon, sources said.

We are facing a lot of problems, a Bolangir resident said.

“The lift irrigation points are not functioning properly owing power disruptions. This will result in huge losses for the farmers,” a resident of Jaleswar said.

“Un-declared power-cuts are happening every day and multiple times. We are facing a lot of problems due to such disruptions,” rued a Rourkela resident.

While the GRIDCO officials denied commenting on the issue, sources informed that the Kaniha, Ib and Vedanta thermal power plants witnessed a sudden blackout. There was immediate requirement of 700 MW of power which was supplied from the hydro-power units. The recent power-cuts are a result of this supply disruption, informed sources.

The GRIDCO officials, however, clarified that water level in all the water reservoirs in the State is adequate and there will be no power shortage.

On the other hand, Energy Minister, Sushant Singh said that repair works are being carried out at various places for which power-cuts are being done. The situation will normalize after the completion of repair works, he added.

“Repair works are being carried out at various places. The repairs cannot be done without snapping power supply. People will face problems if there are long duration power-cuts, but the duration of repairs are being kept short,” Sushant Singh said.